b'Mission, Vision and Values Mission The mission of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to meet the educational and community needs in George, Harrison, Jackson, and Stone counties by providing superior instruction through traditional and technological formats to offer workforce pathways, certificates, diplomas, and associate transfer and applied degrees. The college embraces lifelong learning, productive citizenship, service learning, and leadership development in a dynamic and innovative learning environment. Vision Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College will be a globally competitive learning community with an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires excellence and accelerates achievement. Values Accountability: An acceptance of responsibility for appropriate actions, obligations and duties. Collaboration: A process that facilitates transfer of knowledge, skills and attainment of common goals. Excellence: A motivation where the highest standards are viewed as benchmarks to surpass. Integrity: A commitment to honesty and ethical behavior in all situations. Leadership: A process of directing groups of people toward a common goal. Respect: A feeling of esteem or regard for the unique qualities of all individuals. Service: An action performed for others without the desire for personal gain. Social Responsibility: An ethical, inclusive approach to serve and engage our community.5'