b'the criminal justice system.Credit(s): 3CRM 1114 - (3,3,0)Fundamentals of Basic elements of substantiveMaintenance Services CRJ 1373 - Introductioncriminal law including defenses to Homeland Securityto criminal liability. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 4 CRJ 2333 - Criminal Credit(s): 3Emphasis on basic concepts Investigationand practices in the The issues pertaining to the rolemaintenance programs for and mission of the DepartmentCredit(s): 3 of Homeland Security andcommercial and residential related agencies, both domesticPrinciples of investigation;facilities including and international. (3,3,0)proper collection,scheduling, work order documentation, and preservationsystems, workforce CRJ 1383 - Criminologyof evidence. (3,3,0) management, inventorycontrol, safety, and right-to-Credit(s): 3know programs.(4,2,2) CRJ 2393 - Survey of The study of criminal behaviorCriminalistics to include theories, statistics,CRM 1123 - and trends of criminal behavior.Credit(s): 3Maintenance Regulations (3,3,0) The study and application ofCredit(s): 3 CRJ 2213 - Traffic Lawscientific evidence collection through various projects.(3,3,0)Basic information on the various Credit(s): 3federal, state, and local CRJ 2413 -regulations agencies that govern An examination of the role ofAdministration ofmaintenance operations and law enforcement in coping withpractices, including Criminal ProcedureOccupational and Safety Health traffic problems. Emphasis is placed on the history,Act (OSHA), Environmental development, and enforcementCredit(s): 3Protection Agency (EPA), and of statutes pertaining to motorAmerican with Disabilities Act vehicles. (3,3,0)A study of the legal concepts of(ADA).(3,2,2) criminal procedure.(3,3,0) CRJ 2313 - PoliceCRM 1134 - CRJ 2513 - JuvenileMathematics and Operation and Ethics JusticeBlueprint Interpretation Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 4 A study of the operation of law enforcement agencies. ParticularOrganization, functions, andBasic instruction in emphasis is placed on thejurisdiction of juvenile agencies.mathematics and the functions of the patrol division.Processing, detention, and disposition of cases. Statutes andmethods of interpreting (3,3,0)court procedures applied toinformation and the CRJ 2323 - Criminaljuveniles. (3,3,0)relationship of details and sections to an overall LawComm/Residentialblueprint utilizing scale Construction (CRM) 330'