b'drawings, symbols,Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 5 abbreviations, floor plans, elevations, and specificationsBasic use of irrigation inPractical application of skills tables.(4.3,2)residential and light commercialand knowledge gained in other applications. Sprinkler designsbuilding maintenance courses. and plans, practices, equipment,The instructor works closely CRM 1214 - Carpentryand maintenance for single- with the student to insure that family dwellings, lightthe selection of a project will Credit(s): 4commercial buildings, andenhance the student\'s learning apartment/townhouseexperience. (5,0,10) Basic course in carpentry skillscomplexes. (2,1,2) required to perform buildingComputer Science (CSC) maintenance activities. CoversCRM 1514 - Electrical the installation methods andCSC 1123 - Computer materials available to makeCredit(s): 4 repairs to building structuresApplications Iusing accepted trade practices.Basic electrical diagnosis and (4,1,6)Credit(s): 3 repair techniques including basic circuit theory, safety andThis course is designed to teach CRM 1223 - Surfacegrounding essentials, wiring computer applications to include Finishessystems, circuitry, and electrical word processing, electronic troubleshooting. (4,2,3)spreadsheets, database Credit(s): 3management, presentation CRM 1614 - Heating,design, and electronic Various techniques andVentilating, and Aircommunications. (This will processes of surface cleaning,Conditioningsatisfy most university preparation, and repair. (3,0,3)requirements for a "computer Credit(s): 4science" course. Check with CRM 1314 - Masonryyour specific university program Basic principles, operation,for their computer literacy Credit(s): 4maintenance, and repair ofrequirement.) (3,3,0) heating, ventilation, and air Techniques of brick, block, andconditioning in residential andCSC 1213 - Visual ceramic tile laying and repairinglight commercial buildings.BASIC Computer processes to include safety(4,2,3)Programming I practices.(4,1,4) CRM 1714 - SpecialCredit(s): 3 CRM 1414 - PlumbingProblems in Welding This course is designed to Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4introduce the writing of event-driven programs using the Basic design, function,Basic course in the developmentVisual Basic computer maintenance, repair, andof welding skills in the safe useprogramming language with replacement of all types of lightof the oxyfuel and arc weldingemphasis on problem solving, commercial and residentialtechniques.documentation, program plumbing fixtures. (4,1,6)statements, algorithms, and CRM 2915 - Specialcommon routines. Course has CRM 1432 - Landscapelecture with integrated lab Projects in CRM Irrigationcomponents. Prerequisite:a) minimum ACT score of 19 on 331'