b'Prerequisite: BIO 1134 orphyla. Labs associated with thisspecial senses, endocrine, higher. Co-requisite: BIOcourse contain experiments andcardiovascular, lymphatic and 2233 (1,0,1)exercises that reinforce theimmune, respiratory, digestive, principles introduced in lectureand urinary systems, as well as BIO 2233 - Appliedclasses. Prerequisite: *(4,3,2)reproduction and development. Aquatic and TerrestrialLabs associated with this course Ecology, LectureBIO 2424 - Zoology IIcontain experiments and (LEC/LAB)exercises that reinforce the principles introduced in lecture Credit(s): 3classes. Prerequisites: BIO 2514. Credit(s): 4 (4,3,2) A lecture course covering the application of ecologicalA combined lecture and laboratory course that includesBIO 2924 - Microbiology principles that serves as a basis for the management of wildlifein-depth studies of vertebrate(LEC/LAB) and fisheries in terrestrial andtaxonomy and animal systems. aquatic habitats. Prerequisite:Labs associated with this courseCredit(s): 4 BIO 1134 or higher. Co- contain experiments and requisite: BIO 2231. (3,3,0)exercises that reinforce theA combined lecture and principles introduced in lecturelaboratory course providing a BIO 2234 - Appliedclasses. Prerequisite: * (4,3,2)comprehensive study of microbial agents to include Aquatic and Terrestrial BIO 2514 - Anatomy andtaxonomy, metabolism, Ecology (LEC/LAB)physiology and genetics, Physiology I (LEC/LAB) concepts of pathogenesis and Credit(s): 4immunity. Labs in this course Credit(s): 4provide experiments that A combined lecture andreinforce principles introduced laboratory course covering theA combined lecture andin the lecture to include application of ecologicallaboratory course that covers thefundamental laboratory principles which serve as a basisanatomical and physiologicaltechniques in lab safety, for management of wildlife andstudy of the human body as anmicroscopy, culturing and fisheries in terrestrial andintegrated whole. The courseidentification of microbes, and aquatic habitats. Labs associatedincludes detailed studies of:effectiveness of antimicrobial with this course containbiological principles; tissues;agents. Prerequisites: BIO experiments and exercises thatand the integumentary, skeletal,1134 (4,3,2) reinforce the principlesmuscular and nervous systems. introduced in lecture classes.Labs associated with this course contain experiments andBusiness and Office Pre-requisite: BIO 1134 orexercises that reinforce the(BOT) higher. (4,3,2) principles introduced in lecture BIO 2414 - Zoology Iclasses. Prerequisite: *(4,3,2)BOT 1013 - Introduction (LEC/LAB)to Keyboarding BIO 2524 - Anatomy and Physiology II (LEC/LAB)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4A combined lecture andCredit(s): 4This course provides an laboratory course that includesintroduction to keyboarding skill in-depth studies of phylogenyA combined lecture anddevelopment using the touch and classification systems,laboratory course that includessystem on the alphabetic protozoa, and major invertebratedetailed studies of the anatomykeyboard.Course emphasis will and physiology of humanbe on speed and accuracy when 317'