b'keying documents and timedprocessing, spreadsheet,how to develop and maintain a writings.(3,2,2)database management, andsocial media presence in a presentation softwarepersonal and professional BOT 1213 - Professionalapplications using thecapacity. Students will engage in DevelopmentMicrosoft Office suite.community and internet-based (3,2,2)projects with special emphasis on blogs, wikis, social Credit(s): 3 BOT 1313 - Appliednetworking sites, photo-sharingThis course emphasizes anBusiness Mathsites, instant messaging, video-sharing sites, podcasts, widgets, awareness of interpersonal skills virtual worlds, and more. (3,3,0) essential for job success. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3BOT 1233 - MicrosoftThis course is designed toBOT 1513 - Machine Word Idevelop competency inTranscription mathematics for business use. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 BOT 1433 - BusinessThis course is designed to teach This course focuses on improving keyboardingAccountingtranscription of a wide variety of business communications from techniques using the touch machine dictation. (3,2,2) method and on production ofCredit(s): 3 documents using Microsoft Word functions. Prerequisite:This course is designed toBOT 1613 - Medical Instructor Approved. (3,2,2)develop an understanding ofTerminology Ianalyzing, recording, classifying, and summarizingCredit(s): 3 BOT 1243 - Microsoftfinancial information of a sole Word IIproprietorship with insight intoThis course is an introduction to interpreting and reporting themedical language relating to the resulting effects upon thevarious body systems including Credit(s): 3 business. (3,3,0)human anatomy and physiology,diseases/pathology, physical This course is a continuation of BOT 1443 - Advancedconditions, procedures, clinical Microsoft Word I and focuses on production ofBusiness Accountingspecialties, and abbreviations. Emphasis is placed on correct documents using Microsoft spelling and pronunciation. Word. Production withCredit(s): 3 (3,2,2) accuracy is stressed and practice is given through a variety ofThis course is a continuation of documents for skillbuilding.Business Accounting withBOT 1623 - Medical Prerequisite: Instructoremphasis in advancedTerminology II Approved (3,2,2)accounting topics.Prerequisite: BOT 1433 (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3 BOT 1273 - Introduction to Microsoft OfficeBOT 1493 - Social MediaThis course is a continuation of ManagementMedical Terminology I (BOT 1613), which includes medical Credit(s): 3 language relating to the various Credit(s): 3 body systems including human This course will introduce an anatomy and physiology, operating system and wordThis course teaches students diseases/pathology, physical 318'