b"compositions as well as a reviewclient evaluations, drapingCredit(s): 3 of essential elements oftechniques, massage grammar. Prerequisite: MFLenvironment, massage therapyStudents will develop basic 2213. One laboratory hour perin a health-care system, sanitaryskills in massage therapy in a week. (3,3,0)and safety practices, therapistlaboratory setting. Each body mechanics, conditioning,modality will move into the next MFL 2513 -strengthening, flexibility, humanprogressive phase enhancing the Occupational Spanishrelationship skills, and basicstudent's knowledge. (3,0,6) business and marketing skills. (4,4,0)MGT 1263 - Massage Credit(s): 3 Therapy Clinical Lab II This course is designed to teachMGT 1224 - Massage basic oral communication skillsTherapy ICredit(s): 3 for interaction in Spanish in an occupational setting. SpecializedCredit(s): 4This course applies the variations of this course include:principles and theories of Law Enforcement, Medical andThis course examines basicIntroduction to Massage Business. (3,3,0)skills in massage therapy forTherapy and Massage Therapy I various modalities. Eachand builds on the principles and Massage Therapy (MGT)modality will move into the nexttheories taught in Massage progressive phase enhancing theTherapy II and is a continuation MGT 1111 - CPR andstudent's knowledge. (4,4,0)of Massage Therapy Clinical Lab I. (3,0,6) First AidMGT 1233 - Massage Therapy I LabMGT 1272 - Specialized Credit(s): 1 Modalities IThis course develops theCredit(s): 3 knowledge and skills necessaryCredit(s): 2 to provide emergency care forThis course develops basic skills the injured or ill untilin massage therapy for variousStudents will be introduced to appropriate professionals takemodalities in a laboratoryseveral different traditions of over. (1,1,0)setting. Each modality willmassage and bodywork. (2,2,0) move into the next progressive MGT 1214 - Introductionphase enhancing the student'sMGT 1281 - Massage to Massage Therapyknowledge. (3,0,6)Therapy Clinical Lab I MGT 1244 - MassageCredit(s): 1 Credit(s): 4 Therapy II This course teaches the studentThis course applies the theories and principles ofCredit(s): 4principles and theories of therapeutic massage andIntroduction to Massage includes the effects, benefits,Students will develop basicTherapy and Massage Therapy. indications andskills in massage therapy. Each(1,0,2) contraindications, history ofmodality will move into the next massage therapy, Mississippiprogressive phase enhancing theMGT 1333 - Kinesiology laws and regulations pertainingstudent's knowledge. (4,4,0) to massage therapist,Credit(s): 3 educational and licensingMGT 1253 - Massage requirements, professionalTherapy II LabThis course studies the ethics, equipment and products, 379"