b'Welding Technology (Jackson County Campus, Perkinston Campus, George County Center - Excelerated) (West Harrison County Center and Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center) The Welding Technology curriculum is designed to prepare the student for entry-level employment in the field of welding and cutting. The welding competencies required in this curriculum were developed to coincide with the Guide of Training and Qualification. Welding Personnel: Entry-Level Welders (AWS EG2.10-95) and Specification for Qualification and Certification for Entry Level Welders (AWS QC 10-95). This program leads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree and is preparatory for employment upon graduation from MGCCC. Where a transfer to four-year college or university is desired, a conference should be scheduled with a MGCCC advisor. All students completing a career or technical program must complete a MGCCC Board- approved Technical Skills Attainment where applicable. Students should see an advisor for further details. Welding Certificate Semester One WLT 1173 - Introduction to Welding and Safety Credit(s): 3 WLT 1313 - Cutting Processes Credit(s): 3 WLT 1225 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding II Credit(s): 5 WLT 1143 - Flux Cored Arc Welding Credit(s): 3 WLT 1232 - Blueprint Reading, Welding Symbols, and Metallurgy Credit(s): 2 WLT 2913 - Welding Code Credit(s): 3 Semester Two WLT 1115 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding I Credit(s): 5 WLT 1124 - Gas Metal Arc Welding Credit(s): 4 WLT 1135 - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Credit(s): 5 WLT 1915 - Special Problems in Welding and Cutting Technology Credit(s): 5 Total Credits: 38 Welding Diploma Semester Three WLT 1155 - Pipe Welding Credit(s): 5 WLT 1252 - Advanced Pipe Welding Credit(s): 2 Total Credits: 7 179'