b'NOTE: Every student in anHPR 1121 - GeneralCredit(s): 3 Associate of Arts Program isPhysical Education required to take two hours ofActivities IIThis course covers the physical education. Studentsapplication of principles and may, however, take additionalpractices of healthful living to semester hours of physicalCredit(s): 1the individual and community; education as elective credit andmajor health problems and the are encouraged to do so.This course is designed to givemutual responsibilities of home, Students unable to take physicalstudents a current concept ofschool, and health agencies. education courses may request aphysical education and(3,3,0) substitute. All students mustrecreation by developing body wear appropriate dress forskills while engaging in variousHPR 1313 - Introduction physical education classes.anaerobic and aerobic activities. (1,0,2)to Kinesiology/Health, Physical education activity Physical Education, and courses will earn one semester hour with academic credit. HPRHPR 1122 - GeneralRecreation 1213 and HPR 1593 will satisfyPhysical Education the two- or three-hour physicalActivities IICredit(s): 3 education requirement at some universities.Credit(s): 2This course covers an introduction to the various fields HPR 1111 - GeneralThis course is designed to giveof study within Physical Educationstudents a current concept ofkinesiology/health, physical education, and recreation. Activities Iphysical education and recreation by developing bodyDiscussion of the skills while engaging in variousresponsibilities and Credit(s): 1opportunities of professional anaerobic and aerobic activities. (2,0,4)personnel. Orientation of student This course is designed to giveto opportunities in the field. students a current concept of(3,3,0) physical education andHPR 1131 - Varsity recreation by developing bodySports IHPR 1511 - Team Sports skills while engaging in various I anaerobic and aerobic activities.Credit(s): 1 (1,0,2) Participation in ___ varsity sportCredit(s): 1 HPR 1112 - General(name sport). (1,0,2) This course covers the rules, Physical Educationtechniques, participation and Activities IHPR 1141 - Varsityequipment used in (activities) Sports II___________________. (name Credit(s): 2sport). (1,0,2) Credit(s): 1 This course is designed to giveHPR 1521 - Team Sports students a current concept ofParticipation in ____ varsityII physical education andsport (name sport). (1,0,2) recreation by developing body Credit(s): 1 skills while engaging in variousHPR 1213 - Personal andanaerobic and aerobic activities.Community HealthThis course covers the rules, (2,0,4) techniques, participation and equipment used in (activities) 352'