b"distribution, components, solidCredit(s): 3knowledge gained in technical state devices, and electricalcourses.The instructor works circuits. (3,2,2)This course includes regulationsclosely with the students to and standards for new retrofitensure that the selection of a ACT 2324 - Commercialand governmentproject will enhance the Refrigerationregulations.This coursestudent's learning experience. includes EPA regulations, local,(3,2,2) and state codes. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 4 Agriculture (AGR) A study of various commercialACT 2513 - Heating refrigeration systems.IncludesSystemsAGR 1112 - Survey of installation, servicing, andAgriculture maintaining systems. (4,2,4)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 2 ACT 2414 - Heating,Various types of residential and Ventilation, Aircommercial heatingAn introductory course covering Conditioning, &systems.This course includesthe general functions, gas, oil, electric, compression,organization, and operation of Refrigeration Iand hydronic heating systems. the agricultural industry in both (3,2,2)national and international Credit(s): 4settings.(2,2,0) ACT 2624 - Heat Load This course includes residentialand Air PropertiesAGR 1214 - Animal air-conditioning including indoor air quality. This courseScience includes modules on basicCredit(s): 4 maintenance, air qualityCredit(s): 4 equipment, troubleshootingIntroduction to heat load cooling, and troubleshooting gascalculations for residential andFundamental principles and heating. (4,2,4)light commercial heating,practical application of ventilation, air conditioning, andlivestock, dairy, and poultry ACT 2424 - Heating,refrigeration systems.Includesscience.Origin, history, air distribution, duct sizing,characteristics, market classes, Ventilation, & Airselection of grills and registers, and grades of the major breeds Conditioning IItypes of fans, air velocity, andof livestock and poultry.(4,3,2) fan performance.Introduces air Credit(s): 4testing instruments andAGR 1313 - Plant Science computer usage. (4,2,4) A continuation of Heating,Credit(s): 3 Ventilation, and AirACT 2913 - Special Conditioning I with modulesProject in Heating,Scientific principles as the basis related to introduction toVentilation, Airfor practice in producing, hydronic systems, Conditioning, &handling, processing, marketing, troubleshooting heat pumps, andand utilizing agronomic and troubleshooting accessories.Refrigeration Technology horticultural crops.(3,3,1) (4,2,4) Credit(s): 3 ACT 2433 - Refrigerant,AGR 2413 - Farm Retrofit, and RegulationsA course designed to provide theManagement student with practical application of skills and 309"