b"includes courses in theater, visual and digital arts, music, and public speaking, as well as a Live Entertainment Technology program focused on preparing individuals for employment in the entertainment industry. Visual and Performing Arts Graphic Design Technology, Live Entertainment TechnologyHUMAN SCIENCES & EDUCATIONThe School of Human Sciences and Education exposes students to historical, sociological, and psychological perspectives of human history, as well as classes offered in geography, philosophy, religion, life learning and study skills. Students in the School of Human Sciences & Education participate in classroom and experiential learning with the ultimate goal of making a difference in people's lives. The School also strives to empower students to improve their communities through an array of educational approaches. With both university transfer courses in the social sciences and technical programs in Human Services and Early Childhood Education Technology, the School of Human Sciences and Education prepares students to advance and improve the human experience. History; Philosophy; Social Sciences; Education - General; Human Sciences - General; Psychology Early Childhood Education Technology, Human Services TechnologySCIENCE & KINESIOLOGYThe School of Science and Kinesiology immerses students in the study of biology, chemistry, and physics through engaging and innovative activities, lectures, and labs. This School prepares students for advanced scientific study in a variety of fields, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, as well as many of the programs offered through the School of Nursing and Health Professions. The School is dedicated to preparing students for acceptance into and completion of programs in their chosen professions and to inspiring them to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, community providers, and scientists. Faculty in the School understand the importance of encouraging exploration, curiosity, and innovation while preparing students for careers that develop scientific solutions for a better world. Agriculture - General; Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation; Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies; Health Professions - General; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Physical Sciences Pre-Associate Degree Nursing, Pre-Practical Nursing NURSING & HEALTH PROFESSIONSHaving earned local, state, and national recognitions for its successes, the School of Nursing and Health Professions offers rigorous courses in state-of-the-art facilities that equip students to meet the health care needs of their communities. The School partners with local health care professionals and hospitals to help students acquire clinical experience and a better understanding of the health care needs of the community. Students of the programs are trained to be transformational leaders in health care and are prepared for the challenges of a rapidly changing industry. Cutting edge technology provides students with a learning environment that simulates the experiences they will encounter in health care organizations both locally and across the country. 72"