b"closing the loop on the learningperforming vehicle inspections,equipment to analyze DC process is the opportunity forcoupling and uncoupling,circuits. (4,2,4) students to reflect on the fieldmaneuvering, backing, and experience. Students willdriving a tractor-trailer truckEET 1123 - AC Circuits collaborate on the differentunder varying road and climate infrastructures and approachesconditions. (6,1,10)Credit(s): 3 they observed at each field location. Consent of theEconomics (ECO)Principles and theories Dietary/Nutritional Navigatorassociated with AC circuits. program director required. EightECO 2113 - Principles ofThis course includes the study of hours clinic per week.Macroeconomicselectrical circuits, laws and Pre/corequisites: Admission intoformulae, and the use of test a PHT/Navigator Concentration.equipment to analyze AC PHT courses must be taken inCredit(s): 3 circuits. Principles and theories curriculum display.(3,0,8) associated with DC circuits.The study of a nation's economy to include the following topics:This course includes the study of supply and demand, productionelectrical circuits, laws and Commercial Truckformulae, and the use of test possibilities, monetary and fiscal Driving (DTV)policies, factors of production,equipment to analyze DC GDP/business cycles andcircuits. Prerequisites: EET DTV 1116 - Commercialeconomic growth, circular flow1114. (3,2,2) Truck Driving Iof market economies. (3,3,0) EET 1174 - Fluid Power Credit(s): 6ECO 2123 - Principles of MicroeconomicsCredit(s): 4 Fundamental instruction on safety, rules and regulations,This basic course provides Credit(s): 3instruction in hydraulics and driving practices, air brakes, hazardous materials, andpneumatics.The course covers The study of firms, industriesactuators, accumulators, valves, emergencies. Includesand consumers to include the instruction and practice inpumps, motors, coolers, following topics: supply andcompression of air, control performing vehicle inspections,demand, elasticity of demand coupling and uncoupling,devices, and circuit and supply, consumer choicediagrams.Emphasis is placed maneuvering, backing, andtheory, production and cost driving a tractor-trailer truckon the development of control theory and market structures.circuits and troubleshooting under varying road and climate(3,3,0) conditions. (6,1,10)techniques.(4,3,2) Electronics (EET)EET 1214 - Digital DTV 1126 - Commercial Truck Driving IIElectronics EET 1114 - DC Circuits Credit(s): 6Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4Continuation of CommercialNumber systems, logic circuits, Principles and theoriescounters, registers, memory Truck Driving I with additionalassociated with DC circuits. instruction on safety, rules anddevices, combination logic This course includes the study ofcircuits, Boolean algebra, and a regulations, driving practices, airelectrical circuits, laws and brakes, hazardous materials, andbasic computer system (4,3,2) formulae, and the use of test emergencies. Includes instruction and practice in 340"