b'conditions, procedures, clinicalThis course provides a generalCredit(s): 3 specialties, and abbreviations.overview of the concepts and Emphasis is placed on correctapplications of the many parts ofThis course provides an in-depth spelling and pronunciation.Human Resources (HR).study of payroll accounting. Prerequisite: BOT 1613 or byStudents will learn how thePrerequisite: BOT 1433 or ACC consent of the instructor. (3,2,2)interdependence of the major2213. (3,2,2) topics in HR are created and BOT 1713 - Mechanics ofimplemented through the use ofBOT 2473 - Cost Communicationreal world HR issues,Accounting community projects, and case studies. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3This course is designed toBOT 2333 - MicrosoftThis course provides an in-depth develop the basic EnglishAccessstudy of cost accounting for competencies necessary formanufacturing businesses. success in the business world. ACredit(s): 3Prerequisite: ACC 2213 or BOT study of the parts of speech,1433. (3,2,2) sentence structure, sentenceThis course applies database types, capitalization,concepts for designing andBOT 2523 - Medical punctuation, and spelling ismanipulating data files andMachine Transcription I emphasized. (3,3,0)formatting output as complex documents and reports using Credit(s): 3 BOT 1823 - MicrosoftMicrosoft Access. (3,2,2)Excel IThis course is designed to teach BOT 2423 - Income Taxtranscription of various medical Credit(s): 3Accountingdocuments. Prerequisite:Instructor This course focuses onCredit(s): 3Approved. (3,2,2) application Microsoft Excel as an aid to managementThis course introduces taxBOT 2533 - Medical decision making.accounting including federalMachine Transcription II Prerequisite:BOT 1313 (3,2,2)income tax laws and report preparation. Prerequisite: BOT Credit(s): 3 BOT 1853 - Microsoft1433 or ACC 2213. (3,2,2)Excel IIThis course is designed to BOT 2433 -continue teaching transcription Credit(s): 3QuickBooksof various medical documents including dictation given by This course is a continuation ofCredit(s): 3doctors with foreign accents and Microsoft Excel I andadditional medical specialties. focuses on advanced functionsThis course applies basicPrerequisite:BOT 2523. (3,1,4) and applications of the software.accounting principles using Prerequisite:BOT 1823 (3,2,2)QuickBooks. Prerequisite:BOT 2543 - Medical ACC 2213 or BOT 1433 (3,2,2)Machine Transcription BOT 2233 - HumanIII Resource ManagementBOT 2463 - Payroll AccountingCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 This course is designed to 319'