b'output, combine SAS data sets,according to student need.LEA 1811 - Leadership and summarize, read, and write(1,0,2)and Organization Skills I different types of data. (4,2,4) JOU 1121 - CollegeCredit(s): 1 IST 2753 - Big DataPublications II AnalyticsAn introduction of leadership Credit(s): 1styles and skills, roles and Credit(s): 3functions of officers of student A continuation of JOU 1111.organizations. (1,1,0) This course teaches Big Data(1,0,2) concepts and technologies asLEA 1821 - Leadership well as the techniques to manageJOU 1313 - News Writingand Organization Skills them. Students will beand Reporting III introduced to emerging tools and NoSQL (Not Only SQL) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1 databases. (3,2,2)An introductory course inA study of leadership styles and IST 2814 - Full-Stackjournalism designed to teachskills, roles and functions of Web Developmentnews writing and reporting, theofficers of student construction of the news articleorganizations.(1,1,0) Credit(s): 4with an emphasis on source news, features, sports, andLEA 1911 - Leadership This course offers students aninterview stories and editorials.and Communication introduction into Full-Stack(3,3,0) Web Development (Django orSkills Development - other applicableJOU 2111 - CollegeRecruiting and Public software).Students will bePublications IIIRelations I taught concepts related to Django and other aspects ofCredit(s): 1 Credit(s): 1 fullstack web developmentcomponents andThis course introduces the Open to students who have applications.Prerequisites:ISTstudent to his/her responsibilities successfully completed JOU 1433 and IST 1723. (4,2,4)as a member of the 1111, 1121, and 1313 or with consent of instructor. (1,0,2)recruiting/public relations team. Journalism (JOU)(1,1,0) JOU 2121 - College JOU 1111 - CollegePublications IVLEA 1921 - Leadership Publications I& Communication Skills Credit(s): 1Development - Recruiting Credit(s): 1& Public Relations II Open to students who have This laboratory course issuccessfully completed JOUCredit(s): 1 designed to give practical1111, 1121, 1313, and 2111 or experience in working with thewith consent ofA continuation of LEA 1911. college newspaper or yearbookinstructor.(1,0,2)(1,1,0) production. News, feature, and editorial writing, make-up andLeadership (LEA)LEA 2811 - Leadership layout, editing, advertising and photography will be emphasizedand Organization Skills III 368'