b'practice as governed bypractical application ofin a democratic society, Mississippi cosmetology laws,cosmetology instruction. (6,3,9)introduction to agencies rules, and regulations involvedinvolved in the administration of in cosmetology practices andCOV 2826 - Cosmetologycriminal justice; career safety precautions associatedTeacher Training IIorientation. (3,3,0) with each. (2,0,6) Credit(s): 6CRJ 1323 - Police COV 1722 - SalonAdministration and Business IInstruction will be given inOrganization development of instructional Credit(s): 2methods, development of visualCredit(s): 3 aids, development of effective This course will cover preparingevaluation, and practicalPrinciples of organization and to operate a successful salon.application of cosmetologyadministration in law Included are classroom theoryinstruction. (6,3,9)enforcement as applied to law and lab practice as governed byenforcement agencies; Mississippi cosmetology laws,COV 2836 - Cosmetologyintroduction to concepts of rules, and regulations involvedTeacher Training IIIorganizational behavior. (3,3,0) in cosmetology practices and safety precautions associatedCredit(s): 6CRJ 1353 - Internship with each. (2,1,3) for Criminal Justice Instruction will be given in COV 1732 - Salondevelopment of appropriate Credit(s): 3 Business IIlesson plans and practical application of cosmetologyPracticum in an approved Credit(s): 2instruction. (6,3,9)criminal justice agency under supervision of the agency This course will cover operatingCOV 2846 - Cosmetologyconcerned and college a successful salon and seekingTeacher Training IVinstructor. Written evaluation employment. Included arerequired of agency. Prerequisites classroom theory and labfor the 3 hour internship are: Credit(s): 6 practice as governed byCRJ 1313, CRJ 1323. Must be aMississippi cosmetology laws,minimum of 18 years of age. Instruction will be given in rules, and regulations involved(3,0,9) Prerequisites for the 12 classroom management in cosmetology practices andhour internship are: Completion techniques; cosmetology laws, safety precautions associatedof all lecture courses. Must be a rules, and regulations; and with each. Prerequisite:COVminimum of 21 years of age. practical application of 1722. (2,1,3)(12,0,40) cosmetology instruction. (6,2,12) COV 2816 - CosmetologyCRJ 1363 - Introduction Teacher Training ICriminal Justice (CRJ)to Corrections Credit(s): 6CRJ 1313 - IntroductionCredit(s): 3 to Criminal Justice Instruction will be given inAn overview of the correctional developing appropriatefield; its origins, historical and communication skills, effectiveCredit(s): 3philosophical background, use of visual aids, identificationdevelopment, current status, of various teaching styles, andHistory, development, andrelationship with other facets of philosophy of law enforcement 329'