b"following topics: solution ofMEC 1123 - Mechanicaldiseases, physical conditions, first and higher order differentialMaintenance IIIprocedures, clinical specialties, equations; existence theorems;and abbreviations. Emphasis is Laplace transforms;Credit(s): 3placed on correct spelling and applications. Prerequisite: MATpronunciation, and the use of 2623 or enrollment in MATThis course provides instructioncomputer assisted software. 2623. (3,3,0)on Advanced Trade Math,(3,2,2) Precision measuring tools and Mechanical MaintenanceInstalling pack, seals andMET 1214 - Medical Technology (MEC)mechanical seals. Prerequisite:Business Practices MEC 1116 (3,1,4) MEC 1113 - MechanicalCredit(s): 4 Maintenance IMEC 1133 - Mechanical Maintenance IVThis course presents the Credit(s): 3administrative medical assistant Credit(s): 3procedures with office This course provides anmanagement written and oral orientation to the MillwrightThis course provides instructioncommunications. Emphasis is trade, introduces hand tools,on bearing, couplings, shims,placed on clerical functions, fastener and anchors to includejigs, equipment alignment, beltbilling, collecting, bookkeeping, basic layout, gaskets and O'ringsdrives, chain drives, fans andand creating and maintaining and orientation to Oxy Fuelblowers. Prerequisite: MECmedical records. The goal is to cutting. Prerequisite: CTE1123 (3,1,4).provide the student with practice 1143 (3,1,4).situations through demonstration and simulated office settings MEC 1227 - Mechanicalutilizing electronic health-care MEC 1115 - MechanicalMaintenance VIrecord software. (4,3,2) Maintenance V Credit(s): 7MET 1313 - Clinical Credit(s): 5Procedures I This course provides instruction This course provides instructionon maintaining, repairing on troubleshooting and repair ofapplication of reverse alignment,Credit(s): 3 conveyors, pumps, compressors,laser alignment, advanced hydraulics, pneumatic andblueprint reading, opticalThe purpose of this course is to gearboxes. Prerequisite: MECalignment, turbines, electricintroduce the student to basic 1133 (5,1,8)motors, vibration analysis.clinical skills, Occupational Prerequisite: MEC 1115 (7,2,10)Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) MEC 1116 - Mechanicalstandards, infection control, vital Maintenance IIMedical Terminologysigns, patient preparation, and (MET)assisting with examinations, Credit(s): 6emphasizing the importance of MET 1113 - Medicalbeing proficient in all these This course provides instructionTerminologyareas. This course also provides on Trade Math, Field sketching,students with opportunities to Blue Print Reading MillwrightCredit(s): 3practice and demonstrate specialty and power tools,proficiency in simulated settings rigging, setting baseplates,This course is a study of medicaland check-offs. (3,2,2) lubrication and Intro to bearings.language relating to the variousPrerequisite: MET 1113, MET Prerequisite: MEC 1113 (6,2,8)body systems including 376"