b'performance technique in smallmusic styles in a "big band"explore varied levels of ensembles and auxiliary groups.setting or similarliterature, and develop the (2,2,0)instrumentation. Instructorstudent\'s knowledge of permission required. (1,1,0) performance technique. May MUO 1161 - Small Mixed count for HPR credit for Ensemble IIgraduation purposes at MGCCC. MUO 1211 - Choir I(2,0,4) Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 1MUO 2122 - Band IV Designed to explore varied levels of literature and developA course for music majors andCredit(s): 2 the students knowledge ofnon-majors focused on performance technique in smallperforming choral music from aDesigned to teach the principles ensembles and auxiliary groups.variety of style periods. (1,1,0)of playing musical instruments, (1,1,0)explore varied levels of MUO 1221 - Choir IIliterature, and develop the MUO 1162 - Small Mixedstudent\'s knowledge of Ensemble IICredit(s): 1performance technique. May count for HPR credit for A course for music majors andgraduation purposes at MGCCC. Credit(s): 2(2,0,4) non-majors focused on Designed to explore variedperforming choral music from a variety of style periods. (1,1,0)MUO 2131 - Small levels of literature and develop the students knowledge ofInstrument Ensemble III performance technique in smallMUO 1241 - Select Voice ensembles and auxiliary groups.Ensemble ICredit(s): 1 (2,2,0) Credit(s): 1Designed to explore varied MUO 1171 - Large Jazzlevels of literature and develop Ensemble IA course for select singersthe student\'s knowledge of focused on performing from oneperformance technique in small or more genres of music. (1,1,0)ensembles and auxiliary groups. Credit(s): 1(1,1,0)A course designed to giveMUO 1251 - Select Voice students the opportunity toEnsemble IIMUO 2141 - Small perform jazz and a variety ofInstrument Ensemble IV music styles in a "big band"Credit(s): 1 setting or similarCredit(s): 1 instrumentation.InstructorA course for select singers permission required. (1,1,0)focused on performing from oneDesigned to explore varied or more genres of music. (1,1,0) levels of literature and develop MUO 1181 - Large Jazz the student\'s knowledge of performance technique in small Ensemble II MUO 2112 - Band IIIensembles and auxiliary groups. (1,1,0) Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 2MUO 2151 - Small Mixed A course designed to give students the opportunity toDesigned to teach the principlesEnsemble III perform jazz and a variety ofof playing musical instruments, 397'