b'Daniel BakerAppointed2020-23 Barbara WilliamsAppointed2020-23 Jeffery SiegelElected2019-22 Roxanne WarfieldAppointed2019-22 Robert WarrenAppointed2019-22 Perkinston Campus Committees Academic and Honors Scholarship: B. Ghosal, Chair; K. Jellum; B. Lipscomb; School Chairpersons Administrative Committee: L.Taylor, Chair; S. Campbell; B. Ghosal; J. Beverly; B. Layton; L. Rhodes Admissions: J. Beverly, Chair; M. Barger; B. Ghosal; P. Rainey; T. Robertson Awards: J. Beverly, Chair; A. Butler; S. Campbell; H. Dearman; B. Ghosal; R. Lyons; L. Rhodes; J. Ross; T. Robertson; C. Upton Campus Cleanliness:B. Layton, Chair; J. Rouchon, Alt. Chair; C. Acker; J. Beverly; S. Campbell; J. Sparks; T. Robertson; Vacant Campus Safety:B. Layton, Chair; E. Baptiste; J. Beverly; D. Brewer; D. Calcote; S. Campbell; B. Ghosal; C. Handy; T. Robertson; L. Rhodes; J. Seals; J. Shows Christmas: B. Layton, Chair; T. Robertson, Alt. Chair; K. Taylor, Alt. Chair; J. Beverly; S. Fore; B. Ghosal; A. Glynn; B. Harris; A. Miller; B. Miller; M. Minnis; L. McDonald; A. Morrisette; B. Patten; J. Reid; J. Rouchon; J. Seals; J. Shows; S. Smith; C. Upton; H. Warren; S. White Conduct:Vacant, Chair; J. Shows; Alt. Chair; D. Acres; L. McCarroll; I. Dove, Alt; L. McDonald, Alt; L. McIlrath, Alt; B. Patten, Alt; J. Pittman, Alt; C. Upton, Alt; S. Williams, Alt; Vacant, Alt. Graduation Task Force: J. Beverly, Chair; M. Barger; A. Butler; S. Campbell; B. Layton; R. Lyons; J. Newell; P. Rainey; V. Ritchie; J. Ross; C. Upton; C. Watts Hospitality: J. Seals, Chair; S. Fore; A. Glynn; M. Keen; L. McDonald; B. Miller; A. Morrissette; T. Naramore; K. Taylor Housing: J. Beverly, Chair; M. Barger; H. Dearman; B. Ghosal; B. Layton; T. Robertson; R. Wilson Instructional Affairs: B. Ghosal, Chair; and school chairpersons Learning Resources: V. Ritchie, Chair; D. Bush; V. Hill; S. Williams; Student Recruitment/Retention: J. Beverly, Chair; M. Barger; A. Butler; H. Dearman; S. Fore; B. Ghosal; .B. Layton; J. Newell; W. Overstreet; P. Rainey; L. Rhodes; T. Robertson; C. Upton; Vacant Salvage: T. Robertson, Chair; S. Campbell; C. Upton Scholarship: J. Beverly, Chair; S. Campbell; H. Dearman; B. Ghosal; L. Rhodes 430'