b'equipment to analyze ElectronicCredit(s): 3SPT 1113 - Public circuits.(3,2,2)Speaking I Principles and operation of SBE 1213 - DigitalProgrammable LogicCredit(s): 3 ElectronicsControllers (PLCs) in modern industrial settings as well as theStudy and practice in making Credit(s): 3operating principles of PLCsspeeches for a variety of public and practice in theforums. Major emphasis is Introduction to Number systems,programming, installation, andplaced on effective speech logic circuits, Counters,maintenance of PLCs.(3,2,2)preparation and delivery. Registers, Memory devices,Prerequisite or Combinational and SequentialSociology (SOC)Corequisite: ENG 1033, ENG Logic circuits, Boolean algebra1113 , or ENG 1114 (3,3,0) as used in industry for ControlSOC 2113 - Introduction Systems.(3,2,2)to SociologySPT 1123 - Public Speaking II SBE 1223 - Test andCredit(s): 3 MeasurementCredit(s): 3 FundamentalsThis course introduces the scientific study of humanA continuation in the study of Credit(s): 3society and social interactionpublic speaking with an and examines social forces onemphasis on research, Principles and theoriesindividuals and groups. (3,3,0)organization and delivery associated with utilizing Testtechniques. (3,3,0) Equipment to measure DC/ACSOC 2133 - Social circuit parameters and electronicProblemsSPT 1131 - Forensics I components. This course includes the study of electricalCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 1 circuits, laws and formulae, and the use of test equipment toThis course is a study of theForensics in an activity course analyze DC/AC circuits.(3,2,2)theoretical analysis, nature,which includes: public speaking, scope, and effects oforal interpretation and debate. SBE 2353 - Solid Statecontemporary social problemsStudents participate in Motor Controland policy measures used tointercollegiate or community address them. (3,3,0)forensic contests and debate Credit(s): 3tournaments. (1,1,0) SOC 2143 - Marriage Principles and operation of solidand FamilySPT 1141 - Forensics II state motor control as well as the design, installation, andCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 1 maintenance of different solid state devices for motorA study of the development ofA continuation of SPT 1131. control.(3,1,4)marriage and family as social(1,1,0) institutions within society. SBE 2363 -(3,3,0)SPT 1153 - Voice, Diction Programmable Logicand Phonetics ControllersSpeech and Theatre (SPT)Credit(s): 3417'