b'Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 1focused on performing from one or more genres of music. (1,1,0)Designed to explore variedA course designed to givelevels of literature and developstudents the opportunity to the students knowledge ofperform jazz and a variety ofMUO 2251 - Select Voice performance technique in smallmusic styles in a "big band"Ensemble IV ensembles and auxiliary groups.setting or similar (1,1,0) instrumentation. Instructor Credit(s): 1permission required. (1,1,0) A course for select singers MUO 2152 - Small Mixedfocused on performing from one Ensemble IIIMUO 2181 - Large Jazzor more genres of music. (1,1,0)Ensemble IVCredit(s): 2 Credit(s): 1Music (MUS) Designed to explore varied levels of literature and developA course designed to giveMUS 1113 - Music the students knowledge ofstudents the opportunity to performance technique in smallperform jazz and a variety ofAppreciation ensembles and auxiliary groups.music styles in a "big band" (2,2,0)setting or similarCredit(s): 3 instrumentation. Instructor MUO 2161 - Small Mixedpermission required. (1,1,0) A course designed to give the Ensemble IV student, thorough listening and written work, the ability to MUO 2211 - Choir IIIunderstand, appreciate, and Credit(s): 1evaluate music of Western Culture. (3,3,0) Designed to explore variedCredit(s): 1 levels of literature and developMUS 1133 - the students knowledge ofA course for music majors and performance technique in smallnon-majors focused onFundamentals of Music ensembles and auxiliary groups.performing choral music from a (1,1,0)variety of style periods. (1,1,0)Credit(s): 3MUO 2162 - Small MixedMUO 2221 - Choir IVStudy of basic knowledge of music fundamentals to prepare Ensemble IVstudents for music theory. Credit(s): 1 Concepts include: notation, Credit(s): 2scales, keys, rhythm, intervals, A course for music majors and non-majors focused ontriads, and their inversions. Designed to explore varied(3,3,0) levels of literature and developperforming choral music from a the students knowledge ofvariety of style periods. (1,1,0) MUS 1214 - Music performance technique in small ensembles and auxiliary groups.MUO 2241 - Select VoiceTheory I, Lecture/Lab (2,2,0)Ensemble III Credit(s): 4 MUO 2171 - Large JazzCredit(s): 1 Ensemble IIIStudy of functional harmony A course for select singersthrough analysis and part-writing. Lab instruction. 398'