b"improve the students vocalliterature, develop the student'sperformance technique. May ability in a group setting. (1,1,0)interest in playing, andcount for HPR credit for strengthen the student's playinggraduation purposes at MGCCC. MUA 2772 - Voice forability. (2,1,0)(2,0,4) Vocal Music Education Majors IIIMUA 2882 - WoodwindsMUO 1131 - Small for Music EducationInstrument Ensemble I Credit(s): 2Majors IV Credit(s): 1 Voice for vocal music majors isCredit(s): 2 designed to teach theDesigned to explore varied fundamental principles ofWoodwind instruction for musiclevels of literature and develop singing, explore varied vocaleducation majors and advancedthe student's knowledge of literature, and develop andnon-music majors with anperformance technique in small improve the student's singingemphasis on woodwindensembles and auxiliary ability. (2,1,0) instrumental playing. Designedgroups. (1,1,0)to teach the fundamental principles of playing, exploreMUO 1141 - Smallmoderate to advanced levels ofInstrument Ensemble II literature, develop the student's MUA 2782 - Voice forinterest in playing, andCredit(s): 1 Vocal Music Educationstrengthen the student's playing Majors IVability. (2,1,0)Designed to explore varied levels of literature and develop Credit(s): 2Music/Organizationsthe student's knowledge of (MUO)performance technique in small Voice for vocal music majors isensembles and auxiliary groups. designed to teach theMUO 1112 - Band I(1,1,0) fundamental principles of singing, explore varied vocalCredit(s): 2MUO 1151 - Small Mixed literature, and develop andEnsemble I improve the student's singingDesigned to teach the principles ability. (2,1,0) of playing musical instruments,Credit(s): 1explore varied levels of literature, and develop theDesigned to explore varied MUA 2872 - Woodwindsstudent's knowledge oflevels of literature and develop for Music Educationperformance technique. Maythe students knowledge of Majors IIIcount for HPR credit forperformance technique in small graduation purposes at MGCCC.ensembles and auxiliary groups. Credit(s): 2(2,0,4)(1,1,0)Woodwind instruction for musicMUO 1122 - Band IIMUO 1152 - Small Mixed education majors and advancedEnsemble I non-music majors with anCredit(s): 2 emphasis on woodwindCredit(s): 2 instrumental playing. DesignedDesigned to teach the principles to teach the fundamentalof playing musical instruments,Designed to explore varied principles of playing, exploreexplore varied levels oflevels of literature and develop moderate to advanced levels ofliterature, and develop thethe students knowledge of student's knowledge of 396"