b'_______________________.Activity, Wellness andincreasingly important (name sport). (1,0,2)Nutritioncomponent of our society. (3,3,0) HPR 1531 - IndividualCredit(s): 3 and Dual Sports IHPR 2111 - General This course is designed to helpPhysical Education Credit(s): 1students develop anActivities III understanding of the concepts of This course covers the rules,physical fitness and nutrition forCredit(s): 1 techniques, participation anda healthful lifestyle and a equipment used in (activities)reduced risk of disease. TheThis course is designed to give ___________________. (namestudent will explore wellnessstudents a current concept of sport). (1,0,2)concepts and engage inphysical education and assessments with emphasis onrecreation by developing body HPR 1541 - Individualpersonal fitness, diseaseskills while engaging in various and Dual Sports IIprevention, nutrition, and weightanaerobic and aerobic activities. management. (3,3,0)(1,0,2) Credit(s): 1 HPR 1613 - PhysicalHPR 2112 - General This course covers the rules,Education and thePhysical Education techniques, participation andElementary SchoolActivities III equipment used in (activities) ___________________. (nameCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 2 sport). (1,0,2) This is a study of the growth andThis course is designed to give HPR 1551 - Fitness anddevelopment of childrenstudents a current concept of Conditioning Training Iincluding their interests andphysical education and tendencies as it relates torecreation by developing body Credit(s): 1elementary physical education.skills while engaging in various Educational and physicalanaerobic and aerobic activities. This course covers instructioneducation philosophy and(2,0,4) and practice of basic principlesobjectives are stressed, as well of fitness and conditioningas methods of teaching.HPR 2121 - General through a variety of exercisesEmphasis is placed on creatingPhysical Education and activities. (1,0,2)developmentally appropriate physical education forActivities IV elementary students. Theory and HPR 1561 - Fitness andlaboratory.Credit(s): 1 Conditioning Training II HPR 1813 - FoundationsThis course is designed to give Credit(s): 1of Leisure andstudents a current concept of physical education and This course covers instructionRecreationrecreation by developing body and practice of basic principlesskills while engaging in various of fitness and conditioningCredit(s): 3anaerobic and aerobic activities. through a variety of exercises(1,0,2) and activities. (1,0,2)This course covers analysis of the Parks and RecreationHPR 2122 - General HPR 1593 - Healthprofession to provide a basicPhysical Education understanding of leisure as an Concepts of PhysicalActivities IV 353'