b"Veterans Educational Services Students utilizing Military Benefits may visit the Enrollment Services Center for assistance related to Military Benefits. All students receiving Military benefits are required to report changes in course load, absences, interruption in attendance, adding courses or withdrawals to the Military Benefits Processing Center using the online schedule change form found at https://mgccc.edu/enroll/apply-now/military-students/ to minimize personal liability resulting from over payments of Military benefits. Veterans Administration Information Admission requirements must be met before the student can be certified with Veterans Administration. Admission documents will become part of the permanent record of the applicant. Maintenance of Records Each student's records pertaining to the certification of enrollment for Military Benefits, are under the administrative supervision of the Director of Military Benefits Processing.All financial records are maintained by the Dean of Business Services.The Director of Military Benefits Processing is responsible for each eligible student's certification. Residency Information for Military and Dependents Special provisions regarding in-state residency are provided for military members and their dependents. (See MGCCC CatalogResidency) To be considered for in-state tuition status, proper documentation must be provided to the Military Benefits Processing Center (current military orders, Certificate of Eligibility, etc.). Previous Education and Training Period Each student's permanent record will show previous education and training. Enrollment certificates submitted to the Veterans Administration will reflect proper education and training credit. An evaluation of a student's education will be made by designated college personnel.A prospective student should make known to college admissions personnel that his or her past record includes creditable courses. *All transfer students will require a degree evaluation from an Enrollment Specialist or Degree Works. Official transcripts must be submitted from all previous colleges to the Admissions Office to be reviewed by the Articulation and Credential Specialist for evaluation and eligible credits posted.All veteran students must also submit their military transcripts for evaluation and eligible credits posted. The Military Benefits Processing Center will verify that all registered courses follow the proper degree plan and there are no repeat courses previously assigned a passing grade. Students receiving Military Benefits will be financially responsible for any repeated coursework where a passing grade has been assigned and courses not required for the student's area of interest or graduation. Standards of Progress for Students Receiving Military Benefits The Benefits Processing Center reports unsatisfactory progress to the Veterans Administration (Refer to the Scholastic Probation, Suspension and Readmission Policy)49"