b"Attendance Records for Students Receiving Military Benefits It is important that the eligible student, college personnel, and Veterans Administration adhere to attendance policies contained in official college publications. If the student exceeds the number of allowed absences, notification will be made by the instructor (s) through the college's enrollment system. Proper notice will be given to the Military Benefits Processing Center who will report all changes to the Veterans Administration within 30 days.The student has an equal responsibility to make the Military Benefits Processing Center aware of schedule changes prior to or once the change has occurred using the Schedule Change Form found at https://mgccc.edu/enroll/apply-now/military-students/schedule-change-form/. The student's last day of attendance may be determined by: (a) instructor's attendance records; (b) approved withdrawal date by the designated Dean of Teaching and Learning for special circumstances. Reports to the Veterans Administration Any change in the status from the last certification (biographical, degree plan, course load, etc.) will promptly be reported to the Veterans Administration. Reports of unsatisfactory progress, drops, withdrawals, and unscheduled interruptions will be made within thirty (30) days of the occurrence. The student is to immediately report any schedule changes to the Military Benefits Processing using the online process found at https://mgccc.edu/enroll/apply-now/military-students/. Athletics The Intercollegiate Athletic Program at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is consistent with the college mission by contributing to the educational development of individual student-athletes. Through training and competition, student-athletes gain discipline and opportunities for social, moral, and personal development. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College maintains a highly successful athletic program. The Bulldogs, as the college athletic teams are known, compete in the Mississippi Association of Community Colleges Conference in football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, men's soccer, women's soccer, softball, golf, men's tennis and women's tennis. These competitive teams have won state, regional, and national championships in recent years with many students being named as All-American. Student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate athletics must comply with the existing rules and regulations of the Mississippi Association of Community Colleges and the National Junior College Athletic Association. Therefore, all student-athletes must fulfill college admissions requirements and remain in good academic standing in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics.It is the goal of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College athletic department to provide our student-athletes with the resources necessary to ensure their success while both at our institution and their future destination. Student Complaint and Grievance Procedures The criteria for Student Complaints and Grievance Procedures are stated in Policies and Procedures Statement No. 718, which is located on the college website.Students may also see the Student Handbook for procedures regarding filing a grievance or complaint. Career and Technical Support Services The Career-Technical Department at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College believes that all students deserve a chance to be successful in their fields of study. 50"