b'the National Standards for ArtART 2633 - Sculpture IATT 1123 - Basic Education. (3,2,2)Electrical/Electronic Credit(s): 3 ART 2513 - Painting ICredit(s): 3 Study of 3-D media and Credit(s): 3methods exploring substractiveThis course is designed to and additive sculpture process.provide advanced skills and An introduction to painting(3,0,6)knowledge related to all compositions andcomponents of the vehicle techniques.Prerequisite: ARTART 2713 - Art History Ielectrical system, including 1313 & ART 1413 orlights, battery, and charging permission of instructor. (3,0,6)Credit(s): 3components. (3,1,4)ART 2523 - Painting IISurvey course of historicalATT 1134 - Advanced background of art forms fromElectrical/Electronic Credit(s): 3Prehistoric to Renaissance. Emphasis is on painting,Credit(s): 4 A further study in thearchitecture, and sculpture as compositions, techniques, andrelated to history. (3,3,0)This is a course designed to concepts in Painting I.provide advanced skills and Prerequisite: ART 2513 orART 2723 - Art Historyknowledge related to the permission of instructor. (3,0,6)IIcomponents of the vehicle electrical system including ART 2613 - Ceramics ICredit(s): 3gauges, driver information systems, horn, wiper/washer Credit(s): 3Survey courses of historicalsystems, and accessories. (4,2,4) background of art forms from This course is directed towardRenaissance to present withATT 1213 - Brakes an introduction to differentspecial emphasis on aspects and materials of ceramiccontemporary expression.Credit(s): 3 design. Instruction covers(3,3,0) forming and shaping by handThis is a course designed to and by mechanical means,ART 2913 - Specialprovide advanced skills and various kiln operations,Studioknowledge related to the repair understanding the nature of clayand maintenance of brake and glazes and an appreciationsystems on automobiles.It of functional and non functionalCredit(s): 3 includes instruction and practice forms. (3,0,6)in diagnosis of braking systems Independent study in an area of special interest. Course designedproblems and the repair of brake ART 2623 - Ceramics IIsystems. (3,1,4) for the exceptional student. Instructor approval dependent Credit(s): 3on discipline. Can only takeATT 1313 - Manual twice.Prerequisite: SixDrive Trains/Transaxles Continuation of skills introducedsemester hours of work in in Ceramics I. Emphasis onrelated studio. (3,3,0) individual problem solving.Credit(s): 3 Prerequisite: ART 2613 or Automotive TechnologyThis is a course designed to permission of the instructor. (3,0,6)(ATT)provide advanced skills and knowledge related to the maintenance and repair of 311'