b'MMT 2613 -MST 1222 - LatheMST 1263 - Milling International MarketingTurning KnowledgeMachine Operations Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 3Provide students with anThis course provides instructionThis course provides instruction overview and understanding ofof general shop safety as well asin general shop safety as well as international marketing. Thisthe operation of the lathe. Theemphasis on advanced involves an analysis of worldcourse will implement theapplications of milling machine markets, their respectiveperformance of lathe operationsoperations. Prerequisite: MST consumers and environments,resulting in the manufacture of1232 (3,2,2) and the marketing managementvarious parts. (2,1,2) required to meet the demands ofMST 1313 - Machine constantly changing foreignMST 1232 - MillingTool Mathematics markets. (3,3,0)Machine Knowledge Credit(s): 3 MMT 2913 - InternshipCredit(s): 2 in MarketingAn applied mathematics course Management TechnologyThis course provides instructiondesigned for machinists that of general shop safety as well asincludes instruction and practice Credit(s): 3the operation of vertical millingin algebraic and trigonometric machines. The course willoperations. (3,2,2) Direct application of conceptsimplement the performance of and theory of marketingmilling operations resulting inMST 1412 - Blueprint management. Students will workthe manufacture of various parts.Reading in a marketing-related(2,1,2) environment. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 2 MST 1243 - Precision Precision ManufacturingLathe OperationsInterpreting and applying prints and Machiningand specifications designed for Technology (MST)Credit(s): 3machinists. Prerequisite: MST 1313 (2,1,2) MST 1212 - Drill PressThis course is a continuation of lathe tuning knowledge andMST 1422 - Advanced and Band Sawprovides instruction of general Operationsshop safety as well as additionalBlueprint Reading instruction in lathe operations. Credit(s): 2 Credit(s): 2Prerequisite: MST 1222 (3,2,2)A continuation of Blueprint This course provides instructionMST 1251 - SurfaceReading with emphasis on of general shop safety as well asGrinding Operationsadvanced features of prints and the operation of powerspecifications includes machinery that includesCredit(s): 1instruction on the identification instruction and practice in theof various projections, views, safe operation of power sawsThis course provides instructionand assembly components. and drill presses. Prerequisite:in general shop safety as well asPrerequisite: MST 1412 (2,1,2) MST 1412 (2,1,2)emphasis on advanced applications of precisionMST 1613 - Precision grinders. (1,1,0)Layout 384'