b"3D Modeling and Design Technology, Apprentice Electric Lineman, Auto Collision Repair Technology, Automation and Controls Technology, Automotive Light Duty Diesel Technology Option, Automotive Technology, Commercial and Residential Construction Technology, Commercial Truck Driving, Construction Engineering Technology, Electrical Technology (Excelerated), Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology, Heavy Equipment Maintenance Technology , Instrumentation and Controls Technology, Maritime Multi-Craft Technology, Maritime Technology, Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology, Process Operations Technology, Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology, Welding TechnologyENGINEERING, MATHEMATICS, DATA SCIENCE, & ITCommitted to the idea that a deep understanding of fundamentals is imperative for future innovation, the School of Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, and IT presents students with opportunities to study practical and theoretical concepts and to apply their knowledge. The School prepares students for industries and educational programs in multiple disciplines by providing opportunities that engage students beyond the classroom. The School boasts a strong curriculum with concentrations in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, and a variety of relevant and timely Career & Technical paths including Computer Networking, Cybersecurity, Coding, Data Analytics, IT Specialist, Computer Programming, and Simulation and Game Design. Architecture & Interior Design; Computer and Information Science; Engineering; Mathematics and Statistics Coding Technology, Computer Networking Technology, Computer Networking Technology Gaming Surveillance Concentration, Computer Programming Technology, Cybersecurity Technology, Data Analytics Technology, IT Specialist Technology, Simulation and Game Design TechnologyLANGUAGE ARTSOffering courses in technical writing, composition, literature, creative writing, foreign languages, as well as technical courses in Interpreter training, the School of Language Arts endeavors to endow students with strong written and oral communication skills, critical thinking skills, and an understanding of world cultures that will ensure success in college and, ultimately, in the students' careers and lives. The School of Language Arts is committed to cultivating academic integrity, historic-cultural awareness, and logically sound thought through the study of language. Its curricula provide students with opportunities to compose texts in multiple modes, study and analyze texts from the past and the present from several perspectives, and acquire new languages in technologically rich learning environments. Communication, Journalism, and Media; English Language and Literature; Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Studies; Foreign Languages and Linguistics; Library and Information Science Interpreter Training TechnologyVISUAL & PERFORMING ARTSThe School of Visual and Performing Arts is committed to facilitating and building access to information, communication, and creativity by providing understanding and historical context, and connecting critical thinking with imagination and unique interpretation. The School of Visual and Performing Arts is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education and many opportunities to participate in cultural activities. The School 71"