b'welding of metals.Alsoknowledge about weld cost,MTA 1314 - Power covered will be properdefinitions, and terms, weldingMachinery procedures to clean and preparejoint design, filler metal base metals, joint design andselection, welding symbols,Credit(s): 4 welding tasks.Oxy fuel isvisual inspections, and weld covered in the process ofdefects.In addition, this courseThis course provides burning and washing.Shieldedwill provide the student with the metal arc welding (SMAW) andunderstanding of work ordersinstruction in general flux cored arc welding (FCAW)and physical progression.Thismachine shop procedures techniques along with applicablecourse provides weldingand shop safety. Students codes will also beApprentices with classroom andare introduced to turning, covered.Filler metals and weldworkshop training for behaviorsmilling, and drilling testing is also included.(4,3,2)and methods to enhance theiroperations, as well as job capabilities to become first class MTA 1254 - Journeymanwelders.(3,2,2)planning. (4,2,4)Essentials for Shipfitters MTA 1272 - MarineMTA 1323 - Precision Credit(s): 4Pipefitting Elective ILayoutThe first half of this course willCredit(s): 2Credit(s): 3 provide instruction in flame cutting methods including layoutThis course provides the traineeAn introduction to the concepts and cutting bevels, chamfers,with an overview of pipefitting,and practice of precision layout and circles; as well as methodspipefitter responsibilities, andfor machining used to cut or split commoncareer opportunities. The courseoperations.Includes instruction structural components such asalso covers basic principles ofand practice in the use of layout beams and bars. Also covered issafety, pipefitting layout andinstruments.(3,2,2) plasma arc cutting methods andpipefitting installation. (2,1,2) safe practice of equipment andMTA 1333 - Safety for work area preparation. TheMTA 1283 - Layout IIWelders second half of this course focuses on accuracy control andCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 provides instruction in basic level surveying, referenceAn intermediate class for theThis course is designed to control lines, and recording andhands-on fundamentals ofprovide a development of interpreting data on checklayout, cutting, forming, andknowledge and skills to sheets.In addition, instructionfabrication of sheetreinforce attitudes and behaviors on using the Constructional andmetal.(3,2,2)required for safe and Erection Guide book and theenvironmentally sound work Dimensional ControlMTA 1293 - Layout IIIhabits.Emphasis is placed on Construction Guidance (DCCG)Safety Health and is provided.(4,2,4)Environmental issues in the Credit(s): 3 performance of all job tasks and MTA 1263 - Journeymanregulatory compliance This course is designed as an Essentials for Weldersadvanced class for the hands-onissues.(3,2,2) application of layout, cutting, Credit(s): 3forming and fabrication of sheetMTA 1344 - Shielded metal.(3,2,2)Metal Arc Welding This course will familiarize the(SMAW) Apprentice with information and 388'