b'Credit(s): 4acquaint students with importantCON 1233 - Construction manipulations and procedures,Systems I A combined lecture andas well as the preparation and laboratory course thatstudy of aromatic and complexCredit(s): 3 emphasizes chemicalorganic compounds. stoichiometry, gases, solutions,Prerequisite: CHE 2425 (5,3,4)Common practices of acids/bases, and an introductionengineering principles and to organic chemistry. LabsConstructionconstruction methods. (3,2,2) associated with this courseEngineering Technology contain experiments and (CON)CON 1313 - Construction exercises that reinforce the principles introduced in lectureDrawing classes. Prerequisite: CHE 1314CON 1113 - Survey of or CHE 1214. (4,3,2)Modern ConstructionCredit(s): 3CHE 2425 - OrganicCredit(s): 3This course is designed to give Chemistry I, Lecture andconstruction students the LaboratoryFundamentals of thebackground needed for construction environment,understanding and interpreting methods, materials, processesconstruction drawings. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 5from a historical perspective, and the impact on theCON 2113 - Construction A combined lecture andconstruction industry. (3,2,2)Jobsite Management laboratory course that covers carbon chemistry, bonding structure and behavior, aliphaticCON 1213 - ConstructionCredit(s): 3 compounds, stereochemistry,Materials reaction mechanisms andBasic techniques of the modern spectroscopy. Labs associatedCredit(s): 3methods of managing with this course acquaintconstruction projects including students with importantStudy and testing of the variousscheduling, resource allocation, manipulations and procedures,materials used in theand funds flow. Practical and the preparation and study ofconstruction industry includingapplications are made through organicwood, steel, concrete, and soils.simulated projects. (3,2,2) compounds. Prerequisite: CHE(3,2,2) 1214 and CHE 1224. (5,3,4)CON 2123 - Construction CON 1223 - Plans andCost Estimation CHE 2435 - OrganicDocument Interpretation Chemistry II, LectureCredit(s): 3 and LaboratoryCredit(s): 3 Estimating, quantity survey, unit Credit(s): 5Graphic techniques used in thecost synthesis and analysis, bid construction industry. Thisorganization and planning, and A combined lecture andcourse includes computation ofcompetitive simulations and laboratory course that coversareas and volumes,exercises. Prerequisites: CON spectroscopy, aromaticinterpretation of construction1223 and CON 1213. (3,2,2) compounds, carbonylplans and specifications, and compounds, and other complexsymbols and terms used in theCON 2233 - Construction compounds with emphasis onresidential, commercial, andSystems II reactions and their mechanisms.heavy construction industry. Labs associated with this course(3,2,2) 326'