b'A course focusing on theCredit(s): 3IMT 2113 - 3D Game principals and techniques forEngine I troubleshooting and calibrationStudents will learn the theory of various instruments used inrelated to game design andCredit(s): 3 process controls. (3,1,4) development, the applicationsassociated with game design andIn this course, students will the elements and trends in gamedevelop a basic understanding of IET 2513 - Capstonedesign. Students will understanda game engine and analyze the Classthe "rules of play" and applypurpose, importance, and design principles and techniquesstructure of game engines. Credit(s): 3in the creation of user interfacesStudents will explore the and 2D game assets. (3,3,0)associated programming A course designed to give alanguage, create user interfaces review of principals ofIMT 1413 - Graphic(UI), and create game levels for operation, connection, testing,Editing for Gamesvideo games. The suggested troubleshooting of controlengines are Unreal and/or Unity. elements, to include aCredit(s): 3(3,2,2) demonstration of knowledge, skills, and abilities obtained.This course will explore imageIMT 2223 - Game Engine (3,1,4) composition and elements ofIIvisual design games, including the use of photo editing softwareCredit(s): 3 Simulation and Gamefor manipulation and Design Technology (IMT)enhancement of images for useIn this course, students will in visual design software. (3,3,2)develop a basic understanding of IMT 1114 - Introductiona game engine and analyze the IMT 1513 - Introductionpurpose, importance, and to Animation andto 3D Modelingstructure of game engines. Simulation Design Students will explore the Credit(s): 3associated programming Credit(s): 4language, create user interfaces In this course, students will(UI), and create game levels for This course identifies thelearn to utilize 3D modelingvideo games. This course is an foundation skills necessary insoftware to create polygon- elective class that allows the game design industry.based models suitable for use instudents to gain proficiency with Content such as safety, ethicalgame design and extendeda game engine different from the issues, video game history,reality (XR) projects. (3,2,2)engine used in IMT 2113 Game career opportunities, and theEngine I. Suggested engine is social impact of gaming will beIMT 1523 - IntermediateUnity3D. (3,2,2) covered within the scope of the course. Students will get an3D Modeling IMT 2733 - Integrated overview of the principles of animation and demonstrateCredit(s): 33D Production Pipeline usage of animation software through completion of anIn this course, students willCredit(s): 3 animation portfolio of originallearn about materials, textures, content. (4,3,2)lighting, and rendering as itIn this course, students will relates to developing assets forwork in teams to plan and IMT 1213 - Game Theoryuse in gaming and extendedproduce a comprehensive and Mechanicsreality (XR) projects. (3,2,2)project that integrates knowledge and skills from 362'