b'WLT 1155 - Pipethe student experience inCredit(s): 3 Weldingblueprint reading, welding symbols and metallurgy. (2,1,2)This course is designed to give Credit(s): 5the student experience in the WLT 1252 - Advancedvarious welding codes and the This course is designed to givePipe Weldingexperience in interpretation of the student experience in pipethese codes. (3,3,0) welding procedures.Credit(s): 2 Prerequisite: WLT 1135. (5,1,8)Other Courses This course is designed to give WLT 1162 - Gas Metalthe student advanced pipeAMR 1122 - Basic Arc Aluminum Weldingwelding techniques usingLeadership shielded metal arc and gas Credit(s): 2tungsten arc welding processes.Credit(s): 2 Prerequisite: WLT 1155. (2,1,2) This course is designed to giveFundamental leadership and the student experience in GasWLT 1313 - Cuttingtraining techniques with Metal Aluminum Welding.Processesexposure to setting direction, Prerequisite: WLT 1124. (2,1,2)map reading, problem solving, Credit(s): 3presenting briefs and using WLT 1173 - Introductioneffective writing skills. Students to Welding and SafetyThis course is designed to givewill explore dimensions of the student experience inleadership attributes and core oxyfuel cutting principles andleader competencies in the Credit(s): 3context of practical, hands on, practices, air carbon arc gouging and plasma arc cutting.and interactive exercises. This course is designed to giveConsiderable attention is also student an introduction to thePrerequisite: WLT 1173. (3,1,4) placed on improving physical welding profession andfitness. Includes a leadership lab experience in safety proceduresWLT 1915 - Special and physical training. (2,1,2) related to welding. (3,2,2)Problems in Welding and Cutting TechnologyAMR 2112 - Individual WLT 1225 - ShieldedLeadership Studies Metal Arc Welding IICredit(s): 5This course is designed toCredit(s): 2 Credit(s): 5 provide students with the opportunity to utilize skills andDevelop effective military This course is designed to teachleadership skills: problem students advanced weldingknowledge gained in other Welding and Cuttinganalysis, decision making, techniques using the SMAWplanning and organizing, process. Prerequisite: WLTTechnology courses. The instructor and student workdelegation and control, and 1115. (5,1,8)interpersonal conflict resolution. closely together to select a topic and establish criteria forIncludes a leadership lab and WLT 1232 - Blueprintphysical training. (2,2,0) completion of the project. Reading, Welding(5,0,10) Symbols, and MetallurgyAMR 2122 - Leadership WLT 2913 - Weldingand Teamwork Credit(s): 2Code Credit(s): 2 This course is designed to give 422'