b"PPT 2123 - Oil and Gasradiation protection, operationPTA 1123 - Fundamental Production IIof equipment, and radiologicConcepts of Physical procedures. Prerequisite: PPTTherapy Credit(s): 31713. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3 This course includes aPPT 2913 - Specialcontinuation of Oil and GasProjects in ProcessThis course is an introduction to Production I with emphasis onOperations Technologythe field of physical therapy oil and natural gas productionincluding role orientation, and processing. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3professional organizational structure, legal and ethical PPT 2323 - ProcessA course designed to provide theimplications, and legislation. Troubleshootingstudent with practicalHistorical patterns in the application of skills anddevelopment of the profession Credit(s): 3knowledge gained in otherwill be explored and medical vocationaltechnical courses.terminology introduced. A course to apply knowledge ofThe instructor works closelyPrerequisites: Admission to process variables, indicators andwith the student to ensure thatPhysical Therapist Assistant controllers, troubleshootingthe selection of a project willProgram. (3,3,0) tools, and troubleshooting stepsenhance the student's learning to solve problems in a simpleexperience. (3,0,6)PTA 1132 - PTA process system. Prerequisite orPracticum I Corequisite: PPT 2443 PPTPolitical Science (PSC) 1713 (3,3,0)Credit(s): 2 PSC 1113 - American PPT 2443 - ProcessNational GovernmentThis course is designed to Operationsprovide the student with Credit(s): 3observational time with Credit(s): 3participation in selected physical Survey of the foundations,therapy activities. Prerequisites: This course is a course thatinstitutions, and political aspectsAdmission to Physical Therapist combines equipment systemsof American nationalAssistant Program. (2, 6 into operational units with angovernment. (3,3,0)clinical) emphasis on instruction for start-up, normal operation,PSC 1123 - AmericanPTA 1213 - Fundamental abnormal/emergency operations,State and LocalSkills for Physical and shutdown of an entireGovernmentTherapist Assistants process. Prerequisite: PPT 1434 (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3PPT 2723 - ProcessThis course provides knowledge Survey of the relationship Instrumentation IIamong American local, state andof topics utilized in the practice national governments, and theof physical therapy. Topics Credit(s): 3organization, function, andcovered will include positioning, operation of different levels ofdraping, transfers, body This course is a clinical practicegovernment. (3,3,0)mechanics, gait training, and and instruction in a clinicalstandard precautions. Vital affiliate. Areas included arePhysical Therapistsigns, first aid, and emergency patient care and management,techniques will also be covered. Assistant (PTA) 410"