b"technical conversions, andspinal column, urinary system,styles, socioeconomic problem solving. (3,2,2)pelvic girdle, lower extremities,influences, health risks, and life bony thorax, and mobile andstages. Prerequisite: RGT RGT 1333 - Digitaltrauma radiography procedures.1213 (2,2,0) Image Acquisition andIncluded is a review of Displayradiographic anatomy on eachRGT 2146 - Clinical procedure. Prerequisite: RGTEducation IV 1513 (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 6 RGT 1613 - Physics of This course is designed to impart an understanding of theImaging EquipmentThis course is a clinical practice components, principles, andand instruction in a clinical operation of digital imagingCredit(s): 3affiliate. Areas included are systems found in diagnosticpatient care and management, radiology. Included are factorsThis course is designed toradiation protection, operation that impact image acquisition,establish knowledge based inof equipment, and radiologic display, archiving, and retrieval.radiographic, fluoroscopic,procedures. Prerequisite: RGT In addition, principles of digitalmobile, and tomographic1136. (6,0,18) system qualify assurance andequipment requirements and maintenance are introduced.design. The content will alsoRGT 2156 - Clinical (3,2,2)provide a basic knowledge ofEducation V quality control. Computer RGT 1513 -applications in the radiologicCredit(s): 6 sciences related to image Radiographic Procedures capture, display, storage, and IThis course is a clinical practice distribution are presented. and instruction in a clinical (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3affiliate. Areas included are patient care and management, RGT 2132 - Ethical andradiation protection, operation This course includesLegal Responsibilitiesof equipment, and radiologic terminology, principles, and procedures involved in routineprocedures. Prerequisite: RGT radiographic positioning forCredit(s): 22146. (6,0,18) demonstration of the chest, abdomen, upper extremities,Legal terminology, concepts,RGT 2533 - digestive system, and urinaryand principles will be presentedRadiographic Procedures system. Included is a review ofin this course. Topics includeIII radiographic anatomy on eachmisconduct, malpractice, legal procedure. Pre/Corequisite: BIOand professional standards, and the ASRT scope of practice. TheCredit(s): 3 1514 (3,2,2) importance of proper documentation and informedThis course includes principles RGT 1523 -and procedures involved in consent is emphasized. This Radiographic Procedurescourse will prepare students toradiographic positioning of the IIbetter understand their patients,entire cranium and facial bones. the patients' families, andIncluded is a review of Credit(s): 3professional peers throughradiographic anatomy on each comparison of diverseprocedure. Prerequisite: RGT This course includes principlespopulations based on their value1523 (3,2,2) and procedures involved in thesystems, cultural and ethnic radiographic positioning of theinfluences, communication 415"