b'manual transmissions,This is a course designed toUpon completion, students transaxles, and drive trainprovide knowledge of classroomshould be able to perform basic components.It includesand lab policies anddiagnosis, measurement and instruction in the diagnosis ofprocedures.Safety practices andrepair of light duty diesel drive train problems, and theprocedures associated with theengines using appropriate tools, repair and maintenance ofautomotive program andequipment, procedures, and transmissions, transaxles,automotive industry. (1,1,0)service clutches, CV joints,information.Prerequisites: ATT differentials, and otherATT 2112 - Introduction1714, ATT 1811(5,2,6) components. (3,1,4)to Light Duty Diesel Technology, Tools, andATT 2214 - Light Duty ATT 1424 - EngineDiesel Engine Safety Performance IPerformance Credit(s): 2 Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4 This course introduces basic This is a course designed toknowledge and skills the studentThis course covers terminology, provide basic skills andmust have to succeed in thetheory and operation of air knowledge related to the engineDiesel Equipment Technologyinduction and boost mechanicals, ignition system,field.Topics include antechnologies, exhaust, and fuel, air induction, exhaustoverview of diesel poweredemission controls used in light-systems, and emissionvehicles, diesel technologyduty diesel engines.Topics systems.It includes instruction,safety skills, basic tools andinclude component diagnosis, and correction ofequipment, reference materials,identification, operation, problems associated within thesemeasuring instruments, shopdiagnosis and repair of air areas. (4,2,4)operation, mechanical fasteners,delivery systems including welding safety, and basicturbochargers, diesel particulate ATT 1714 - Enginewelding skills.Classroom andfilters and other exhaust Repairlab experiences on safety,catalysts.Upon completion, precision measuring, and basicstudents should be able to Credit(s): 4shop practices are highlydemonstrate skills necessary to emphasized. (2,1,2) Prerequisiteresearch service information, This is a course designed toCourses: ATT 1811 and inspect, test, and repair provide advanced skills andinduction, boost, and after-knowledge related to the repairATT 2125 - Light Dutytreatment components. and rebuilding of automotiveDiesel Engine RepairPrerequisite Courses: ATT engines. It includes instruction1811, ATT 1424 (4,2,2) and practice in the diagnosis andCredit(s): 5 repair of engine componentsATT 2224 - Light Dutyincluding valve trains, blocks,This course covers the theory,Diesel Electrical pistons and connecting rods,construction, inspection, crankshafts, and oil pumps.diagnosis, and repair of internalCredit(s): 4 (4,2,4)combustion engines and related systems to light duty diesel.This course covers the theory ATT 1811 - Introduction,Topics include fundamentaland operation of electric-drive Safety, andoperating principles of enginesdiesel vehicles. Topics include Employability Skillsand diagnosis, inspection,maintenance, diagnosis, repair adjustment, and repair ofand safety procedures for automotive engines usingelectrically propelled diesel Credit(s): 1 appropriate service information.vehicles. Upon completion,312'