b'sampling, estimation,Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Prerequisite:This course is an introduction toAn exploration of the ethical MAT 1313 or MAT 1314.the nature of the real estateproblems faced in business (3,3,0)market, types of ownership oftheory and practice through property, contracts, and methodswhich the student will recognize BAD 2413 - Legalof transferal of title. (3,3,0)and analyze ethical dilemmas Environment of Businessand implement ethical decisions BAD 2723 - Real Estatewithin the context of today\'s Credit(s): 3Lawbusiness environment. (3,3,0)An introduction toCredit(s): 3Biology (BIO) interrelationships of law and society, jurisprudence andDesigned to give the student a*The prerequisites for advanced business. Topics include angeneral background in the law ofscience courses identified by an introduction to law, law ofreal property and the law of real* are the completion of one of contracts, agency, andestate brokerage. (3,3,0)the following: a) minimum ACT employment. (3,3,0)composite of 21 on the science BAD 2733 - Real Estatecomponent, b) completion of BAD 2513 - IntroductionFinancethree high school science courses (biology or chemistry) to Management with no grade lower than a "C", Credit(s): 3or c) credit for BIO 1134. Credit(s): 3 A study of principles andBIO 1114 - Principles of This course is a study of basicmethods of financing real estate, management principles assources of funds, types andBiology I (LEC/LAB) applied to the functions ofcontents of financing planning, organizing, directing,instruments, and the role ofCredit(s): 4 controlling, and coordinatingvarious institutions, both private with effective communication inand governmental. (3,3,0)A combined lecture and business enterprise. (3,3,0)laboratory course for non-BAD 2743 - Real Estatescience majors that provides an BAD 2533 - ComputerAppraisal Iintroduction to the basic principles of modern biology, Applications in Business and their relevance to modern and IndustryCredit(s): 3life. Emphasis is placed on the nature and history of scientific Credit(s): 3An introductory course. Includesthought, basic biological purpose of appraisal, methods,chemistry, cell structure and This course is designed to teachand techniques to determine theprocesses, genetics. Labs computer applications tovalue of the various types ofassociated with this course include: word processing,property. Emphasis oncontain experiments and electronic spreadsheet, databaseresidential and single unitexercises that reinforce the management, presentationproperty. Prerequisite: BADprinciples introduced in lecture design, and electronic2713 or Real Estate Sales orclasses. (4,3,2) communications. (3,3,0)Broker License. (3,3,0) BIO 1124 - Principles of BAD 2713 - Principles ofBAD 2853 - BusinessBiology II (LEC/LAB) Real EstateEthics 314'