b"Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4review basic blueprint reading and provide an introduction to This course is designed to teachThis course is an introduction toprinciples of reading a blueprint, students introductory weldingthe fundamentals of blueprints,modification of the three-view techniques using the SMAWreading, interpreting, andprinciple, views on a drawing, process.(4,3,2)understanding blueprints.Thedifferences in contract drawings, students will develop anphase II drawing documentation, MTA 1354 - Weldunderstanding of the differentripout control process, steel Theory and Techniquestypes, sizes, and parts of variouspipe, pipefitting, flange basics, drawings as they relate to thevalves, mechanical equipment, joiner craft.(4,3,2)flow diagrams and Credit(s): 4 instrumentation, codes andMTA 1393 - Blueprintspecifications, equipment This course provides an introduction to welding andReading for Machinistlayout, piping arrangement drawings, sections and welding techniques. Topics elevations, piping systems, and include safety, welding andCredit(s): 3 piping isometrics. (3,2,2) cutting processes, shop math, welding metallurgy, andThis course is a comprehensive weldability of metals, readingguide to interpreting drawingsMTA 1423 - technical drawings, fabrication,commonly found in theFundamentals of certification, testing andshipbuilding industry. TheLogistics inspection of welds, weldingstudents will develop an joint design, costs, and weldingunderstanding of the differentCredit(s): 3 symbols. (4,3,2)types, sizes, and parts of various drawings related to their trade.This course is designed to give MTA 1373 - BlueprintAbbreviations and symbolsthe student a firm foundation in Reading for Insulationrelated to the shipbuildingthe systems approach to industry along with a briefmanaging activities associated introduction of Geometricwith forecasting, procurement, Credit(s): 3 Dimensioning and Toleranceinventory management, life(GD&T) and its propercycle costing, and product This course is a comprehensive application in a drawing will besupport.(3,2,2) guide to interpreting drawings provided. General shipbuilding commonIy found in the defense industry.The students willterminology, orientation, deckMTA 1433 - levels, compartments, and develop an understanding of theTransportation and shipboard equipment will be different types, sizes, and partsDistribution introduced. Successful of various drawings. Piping, completion of this course will HVAC, Hull Insulation andgive the student a generalCredit(s): 3 symbols will be presented. Thisknowledge of the drawings used course will provide Insulationin the shipbuilding industry andThis course is designed to give Apprentices with basicenhance the student'san overview of transportation information needed to installproductivity.(3,2,2)and distribution marine insulation on navalissues.Emphasis is placed on contracts and introducedomestic and international computer and blueprintMTA 1413 - Blueprint navigation using marineReading for Pipetransportation, third-party selection, regulations, route and insulation blueprint. (3,2,2)schedule development, and Credit(s): 3planning for shipments.(3,2,2) MTA 1384 - Blueprint Reading for JoinerBlueprint Reading for Pipe will 389"